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Kickstarter Campaign and New Band Mate for
Howard Sinclair Solo Album

Howard Sinclair has confirmed rumours that his new album "The Light Broke In" will now be released as a solo album, following discussions with the band. Other changes include the introduction of Paul 'Gibbo' Gibbons, on drums, after the departure of Jenn Haneef, due to external commitments; and the announcement of a Kickstarter campaign, to help fund the project.

Having played semi-professionally in various bands around the UK, Gibbo joined 'The Bogus Brothers' in 2001, which saw him turn professional, touring the UK, Ireland and Europe and visiting 16 counties with over 220 shows in his first year. During his six years with 'Bogus', they played with many established acts such as Nik Kershaw and 'Human League', and jamming with the likes of Andrea Corr, Mike Rutherford, Roger Taylor and Barry McGuigan.

After 'Bogus', he maintained a semi-professional career in music, playing with UK rockers 'Morpheus Rising'. They released two singles and, in December 2011, their debut album "Let The Sleeper Awake" to great critical acclaim. Due to personal reasons Gibbo left the band in 2013 and decided to take a back seat whilst re-evaluating his music career. He recently found his passion for music was reignited, when he started jamming with a couple of friends, and the desire to play returned… so when the call came from Howard, it was an opportunity to which he couldn't say No!

Gibbo met Howard whilst with 'Morpheus Rising' as mutual support for 'Panic Room' on their Skin tour, and he found himself particularly taken by Howard's performance. He recalls being captured by a cover of "Solsbury Hill" (Peter Gabriel), which was a personal favourite track. Then Howard's own material drew him in, as he found himself lost in the pictures painted by his music and lyrics.

Having agreed to play on Howard's new album, Gibbo found himself wanting to try different things that this new style of music demanded. His brushes came out for the first time in years, and he found it a real joy to play something that was outside of his usual "Rawk" comfort zone. Gibbo says "The album is sounding great and I'm convinced you're all going to enjoy it. I know I am proud to have played my part".

The band have been working hard to record a collection of new, original material, looking to release it this coming November. With the addition of support from a selection of guest musicians, Howard has decided to open up a Kickstarter campaign, in order to ensure the album reaches its maximum potential, and to allow fans to pre-order the CD, as well as a selection of other fun pledges on offer.

"The time is now right to bring in the fans and give them the chance to be a part of something really fun" Howard says; "We've got the tracks written, the right team of musicians in place, and now we want to make sure that we turn this into a top notch album that everyone will enjoy – and Kickstarter seems the obvious choice for making that happen". Full details of the campaign are due to be announced shortly.

Howard Sinclair is a singer-songwriter that offers fresh, original material with wide ranging influences including Marillion, Nick Drake, Counting Crows and Panic Room. Howard intends to complement the upcoming album with an album release party which will feature material from Howard's previous solo album "The Delicious Company of Freaks" alongside the new songs .

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Press Release: Oct 2014