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Final Line-up Confirmed as “HAS-Retuned” Enter Recording Studio

HAS-Retuned, the new electro-acoustic band fronted by singer-songwriter Howard Sinclair, are excited to introduce their final complete line-up: with Patrick “Patch” Sanders taking up lead guitar, alongside Becky Baldwin on bass and Jenn Haneef on drums.

Patch has been playing guitar for 15 years and studied Professional Musicianship at Bristol Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). He is currently active in several projects, including female-fronted Melodic Rock band “Control the Storm” and Heavy Metal tribute band “Metalhead”. Playing electric lead guitar, Patch will incorporate his interest in Blues and Soft Rock as part of the approach that Retuned are taking with their new album.

Patch says:"I was keen to join HAS-Retuned to expand my range beyond Metal and into a more acoustic driven genre. Since I already know Becky from other projects we have worked on, we knew we would work well, and we seem to have come together quickly as a whole band. I’m looking forward to getting into the studio now and laying down the tracks we’ve been working on these past few weeks".

Now that everyone is in place, the band is due to start work on their new album “The Light Broke In” throughout March, and the studio has been booked ready to begin recording in Bristol this coming weekend. 

“Having Patch on board, it really does feel like we now have the right people in the right places” Howard says; “I was already extremely pleased to have had Becky and Jenn come in and immediately make their mark on the evolving music, and now Patch is adding his stamp and it’s simply sounding ‘right’ – so we’re ready to jump in feet first and get recording some of the magic that we’ve been finding in the studio together”.

HAS-Retuned is a band that offers fresh, original material with wide ranging influences including Marillion, Nick Drake, Counting Crows and Panic Room, and the group intends to complement their upcoming album with a selection of Live gigs across the UK, featuring material from Howard's previous solo album “The Delicious Company of Freaks” alongside the new songs.

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Press Release: March 2014